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Move over Cabin Fever there is a new event in town!


Well…… not quiet but it’s a big step in the right direction. For those who don’t know cabin fever might be one of the largest RC construction meet ups in the US. Cabin Fever is the closest you will probably ever come to a RC truck and construction event like you see in Europe on YouTube. Most every one who is into RC trucks and construction has seen some type of large event online, where RC semi trucks and RC construction equipment are all working in harmony. For most, this type of event is the mecca for all things RC truck and construction.

Over Easter weekend in the sleepy little town of BlackFoot Idaho a hobby enthusiasts named Ed hosted an RC construction event. While Ed’s event (known as Dig days 2.0) may have not drawn quite the numbers of cabin fever, Ed's event was well received by everyone who attended. Amazingly Dig Days 2.0 managed to attract attendees from all over the western states. Members of the PNWSM Facebook group made the the journey down from Washington, as well as other participants coming from Wyoming, Utah and other neighboring states. The fact that Dig Days 2.0 is drawing members from near and far should be enough to get any one excited who is into RC construction! There is hope that this hobby is growing. This could be the birth of a new and potentially large event. Maybe  even one day it would dare to rival Cabin Fever! Dig days 2.0 hosted quite a few pieces of equipment and trucks from track loaders to excavators,  bulldozers, wheel loaders and more! Trucks were being loaded with all types of materials to which they all had different unloading points. Dig Days 2.0 also did a night run, where all RC machines ran with there running light on and miniature generators with flood lights lit the way! This might be first night run at a meetup we've ever seen! There were operators young and old and plenty of spectator’s as well. The equipment of Dig Days 2.0 had plenty to do, from moving and loading logs to running Dirt through a trommel as well as loading a endless supply of dump trucks. Dig Days was spread over a lot of property from a staging area to a mining pit to a sand and gravel piles and log loading area. 

The scene for dig days was some what picturesque with flat rolling farm lands to beautiful storm clouds that never quite made their way over. 

We hope to see more events coming from Dig Days 2.0 and other Clubs as well. There is something about meeting other like minded hobbyists that really brings people together. One attendee we spoke to said that “it was such a fun and positive experience”. Attendees all helped with the event by bringing  multiple pieces of  equipment which really helped to add to the scale of Dig Days 2.0.Let us know your thoughts on Dig Days 2.0 on our Facebook page! Also if you would like to know more about RC Dig Days 2.0 check out the link below.




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